Want Your Books To Make Money?
You Need More Reviews.


Dear Friends:

Can you answer ‘yes’ to any of these questions:

  • Do you have a book on Kindle with less-than-stellar sales?
  • Are you interested in putting a book up on Kindle but not sure how to make money with it?
  • Would you like more on sales on your existing Kindle books?

If so, you’re in luck. This is your chance to…

Get More Sales By
Having Huge Quantities Of
Excellent Reviews.

See.. as you probably know, the gross majority of people on Amazon take reviews into consideration before they purchase something.

In fact, it’s such an important criteria for people that Amazon made it part of it’s search engine:

reviewsMost people feel safer buying something when a book has good reviews. Do you?


The more positive reviews something has, the safer customers feel.

And besides helping people feel better about purchasing your book… the more good reviews you have, the higher your book will be in the search engine.

So obviously it makes sense to get as many reviews as possible. But you’ve got to be careful:

Most people do this SO wrong.

See, a lot of people like to go and pay for reviews. They pay a couple bucks and some paid worker leaves a review that says NOTHING about the book, “The plot of this book was great.”

First of all, customers can spot this fake, cheesy stuff a MILE AWAY.

Not only does it not help… it makes your sales worse.

Besides, it’s against Amazon’s Terms Of Service. And they’re cracking down on this in a major way.

There’s no point in risking this.

  • You’ll waste time and money you spent to create your book…
  • You’ll waste the money you spent getting fake reviews…
  • You’ll feel a whole lot of disappointment.

And for what?

If only people knew how EASY it is
to get reviews the right way.

You see, I’ve discovered a way to get TONS of reviews to your Kindle books.

These are from scores of people who’d love to review your book, and give you HELPFUL reviews (that actually have to do with your book).

They’ll talk about character. Plot development. The quality of information.

What they liked and didn’t like.

The reviews look REAL, because, well… they ARE REAL.

These reviews are written
by native English speakers…

And they’re trustable.


And will boost your sales.

As for the cost?

You don’t pay
one red cent for them.

Unless you want to.

You can work with these people without paying anything.

In some cases, it might just be providing a free copy of your book to specific people (which is 100% OK in Amazon’s Terms Of Service).

In other instances, you might need to spend a little time (which is easily outsourced).

There are paid options too.

You can pick and choose how you want to do it. But the end result is: you pay little or no money and get legitimate reviews to your books.

Rolling In Reviews

I created Rolling In Reviews when I saw how many people were struggling with getting more sales to their Kindle books.

And judging by all the feedback I’ve already gotten, I’m quite confident it can help YOU too.

You see, I’ve created this so that you can get more Kindle reviews… FAST.

You get:

Review Acceleration Software

I licensed an EXCELLENT piece of software for you — one that finds you potential book reviewer contact information within SECONDS.

No longer do you need to beg family and friends to give you reviews… simply fire up this software and prepare to be VERY happy.

All you have to do to use it is type in the keyword of your book, then find the books in your category. Next, you hit the “Extract” button and get the contact information for people who have already left reviews in your same niche.

You’re basically contacting people who have already raised their hand and said “YES! I am interested in books in your niche!”

Here’s how it works: 1


This software works flawlessly on PC’s AND Macs. It’s very easy to use, but you’ll also get training just in case.

And it doesn’t end there. You also get…

50 Ways To Get More Reviews To Your Books.

  • A site where you can give away your book to people ecstatic to read through it…
  • 11 different places you can do “review swaps” with people…
  • A script you can use in your books to get people eager to leave you reviews…
  • A site called R________F_______ that is specifically for people who want to review your book. You don’t pay a dime for it, unless you want to move your book to the front of the queue (in which case you’d pay a small ‘express’ fee).
  • How you can leverage OTHER peoples’ books to find goldmine reviewers…
  • …and a lot more.

The Bait ‘Em And Twist Their Arms Method:
How To Get Top Reviewers To Leave You Reviews.

Getting Amazon’s top reviewers to review your book is a BIG DEAL.

Their word carries a lot of leverage.

Use this method and you’ll bypass everyone else waiting for Top reviewers to read their books…

And immediately start to get more sales.

How To Craft A Sales-Sucking Review

Getting reviews is one thing…

Getting sales-sucking reviews is another.

This shows you everything you need in your reviews to make sure they compel customers to buy RIGHT AWAY.

The ‘I Have No Choice But To
Leave You A Review’ Method:

Do you ever wish you could force everyone who reads your book to leave you a positive review?

Well… this script (plus eye-catching image) is the closest you can get to it.

Use this script at the end of of your books and watch the reviews pile in.

And while using just ONE of the 50 tips can get you enough reviews to jump up your sales…

Access To Rolling In Reviews
Is Only $97… For Now.

(That’s It. No Upsell. Everything in ONE Purchase.)

You might be wondering, what’s the catch?

If you tried to research all of this yourself, it could take you days… if you even knew where to look.

And something under $100 will pay for itself after just a couple sales.

Not to mention you’ll make extra money every month…

On ALL your books.

But truth be told, it’s important to me to make sure you get a great value. It’s good for my reputation. And it helps me help more people.

I’m not saying I’ll keep it at this price forever though. I reserve the right to change it at any time.

And you have absolutely nothing to lose by buying now:

Your Purchase Is 100%

I know you work hard for your money. I know you’re buying this solely on the promises I’ve laid out to you.

I’m willing to put my money where my mouth is.

If for any reason Rolling In Reviews doesn’t work out for you… all you have to do is let me know within 30 days of your purchase and I’ll promptly refund all your money.

No questions, no hassles – it’s that simple.

Sounds pretty fair, right?

You get all this information for under 100 bucks, and all the risk is on ME.

Here’s What To Do Now:

As you can see, I tried to make this as easy as possible for you.

Just go to the button below and choose either the PayPal or credit card option. You’ll be redirected to the payment screen where you can put your payment details in on a secure server.

As soon as you put your payment details through, you’ll get instant access to the training portion of your download. You’ll have to forward your receipt to an email to get your license code for your software and you should get that very quickly.

The process is extremely simple and you can look forward to rolling in reviews very quickly. So go ahead and fill out the order form now and I’ll look forward to seeing you on the “other side”:

With love,
Rachel Rofé

P.S. If you got all the way down here, you must agree that reviews are VERY IMPORTANT for your book sales. It only makes sense for you to invest in this now… while the price is right, and you have absolutely nothing to lose with the risk-free guarantee. Order your copy now.